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Spring 2021 Registration Information

Spring 2021 Registration Information:

Links for PDF version of the Spring 2021 schedule of classes:

Spring 2021 registration: November 9 – 13, 2020

Registration materials will be emailed to students on Monday, October 26, 2020.  Registration for spring 2021 will take place during common time the week of November 9th.  Registration will be online –

Instructions & links:

1) You were sent a PDF of your registration planner by the Registrar which contains your assigned registration day & time.  You will not be able to register at an earlier day/time.
2) You will now login with the same username and password that you use for email.  VERY IMPORTANT: you will need to know your email username and password to get into the registration system.  If you auto login to your email and are not sure of your password, change your password now so that you know what it is before you register.  We do not know your password.  Any problems, contact IT at  If you have more than one username, you will need to use your primary user name to get into the registration system.  For example; I can’t use jweimer but need to use; jeanweimer.
3) There is no reason to attempt to log-in earlier than your time – it will not work.
Here are the steps to register:
1) Watch this short video (lots of important information here): This video is from the last registration but the process is the same.  Contact me if you have any questions.  Again, people will be available during registration to help as well.
2) Five minutes before your registration time, go to this Google Hangout Meet with Mark Fetherston:
He will give you last minute instructions and tell you when registration is open for your group.
4) Login with the same username and password that you use for email.
5) From here it should look and work similarly to how you’ve registered in the past.  Make sure to log-out when you’re done, so we don’t overload the system.  Make sure you are in the correct semester – spring 2021.
If you have issues logging in, talk to Mark Fetherston in the same Google Hangout Meet
Google Hangout links (these people will be available in their google hangout during registration: M-TH 11:15-12:15 & F 2:15-3:15)
Hanna Hobson
Becky Skupien
Jennifer Crandall
Jean Weimer, Registrar
Megan Cunningham, Assistant Registrar

Links for PDF version of the Spring 2021 schedule of classes: Link to Program of Study Videos – how to read your program of study & program of study for each major by class.

Minor Declaration/Information – is included in the spring 2021 schedule of classes.

FALL 2020 dates in the spring 2021 schedule of classes are incorrect:

Fall Semester: 2020

August 31                    Fall Classes Begin

September 4               Open Enrollment Ends: 2:00pm

September 7               Labor Day Holiday – No Classes

November 6                Last Day to withdraw from Fall classes (before 2:00pm)

November 23-27         Thanksgiving Break – No Classes

December 18               Last Day of Fall Semester

December 22               Final Grades due by 2:00pm (emailed to students 12/23)


Cancelled Courses

Canceled course information will appear here



Added Courses

Writing minor classes (prerequisites for all: WRTG200, junior standing & declared writing minor):

WRTG340A: Food Waste: Problem & Solutions 100% asynchronous 

WRTG340C: Creative/Self-Performance M 8:30-11:00

WRTG340F: Voices in Contemporary Poetry W 8:30-11:00

WRTG380A: Community Health: We are Water M 3:15-5:45

WRTG380C: Storytelling the Environment W 12:30-3:00

Closed Courses

Course enrollment changes daily – check with the Registrar’s office for available classes

Updated Course Information/Changes

NASC350D: Evolution was W 8:30-11:00; is now W 12:30-3:00

DS307C: Professional Practice 2 will only meet on Thursdays 6:00-8:30pm (not Tuesdays)

IL215E: Changed from TTH 12:30 to TTH 3:15-5:45

  • Spring classes that apply towards DMP minor:
    • FYE151
    • DS307H: Adv. Photoshop Skills
    • DS307M: Picture Book Illustration
    • DS307N & V: Digital Painting for Illustrators & Anim.
    • DS307P: Intro to Storyboarding
    • DS307R: Advanced Comics
    • DS307S: Illustrated Music Video
    • DS307T: Sequential Art
    • DS307U: Video & Animation Studio

Classes listed as: 12:00 MID – 12:00 MID (or 12:01am-11:59pm)  ONLINE are offered 100% asynchronous.  Classes with an assigned day/time will be synchronous at the assigned days/times.


To download and read a PDF, get Adobe Acrobat Reader