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Spring 2020 Registration Information

Spring 2020 Registration:  

Links for PDF version of the Spring 2020 schedule of classes:


Minor Declaration

If you’d like to declare a minor, download the Minor Requirements and Declaration Form.

Enrollment in classes changes daily.  Check with the Registrar’s office for class availability.


Cancelled Courses

-CD201D: CDII TTH 3:15-5:45

-FYE199J/IL210E: Illustration I TTH 6:00-8:30pm



Added Courses
  • DS307U: Intro to Comics TTH 12:30-3:00
  • FYE121J: RPC: In My Body, In Your Body, In Our Body MW 12:30-3:00; K. Schaffer
  • NASC220G: Patterns in Nature M 12:30-3:00
  • NSP207J: Screenprint, Relief, Stone Lithography MW 12:30-3:00
  • NSP207K: Lighting Concepts MW 3:15-5:45
  • DS307W: Intro to Storyboarding MW 3:15-5:45
  • ARTH318J: Western Foundations of Contemporary Architecture TH 8:30-11:00; Szczesny-Adams, C
  • FYE121K: The Hand and the Mind in the Digital Age MW 3:15-5:45; Livingston, D
  • FYE151L: Digital 4D TTH 3:15-5:45; Krohmer, B
  • HUMT380D: Service Learning: Material Culture, Consumerism + Sustainability T 8:30-11:00; Kirchner, J
  • NASC320C: Anatomy & Physiology TH 3:15-5:45; Volante, V
Closed Courses

Course enrollment changes daily – check with the Registrar’s office for available classes

Updated Course Information/Changes
  •  Course Description change for NSP207 sections:  Only NSP207D: Performance will be performing both live and in front of a camera.  
  •  DS307T: RE:Telling a Story was TTH 3:15-5:45 NOW TTH 8:30-11:00am
  •  HUMT380: Service Learning: All sections:

HUMT380 includes a service-learning component that is connected to the topic being studied.  This will take place in the larger community, and it will allow students to examine the information they are learning through thinking and acting in a multicultural context.  In addition, the service learning component helps complete an examination of the nature of service in the community.

In addition to the regular work of the course, minimum service learning hours must be completed as follows:

  • 35 hours required to receive a grade of “A” as a final class grade
  • 30 hours required to receive a grade of “B” as a final class grade
  • 25 hours required to receive a grade of “C” as a final class grade
  • 20 hours required to receive a grade of “D” as a final class grade


  • DS307D: User to Product was MW 6:00-8:30pm NOW TTH 3:15-5:45
  • IL211F: was MW 6:00-8:30pm NOW MW 12:30-3:00

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