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Spring 2019 Registration Information

Registration is the week of November 12th!

This page has important information regarding Spring 2019 Registration. Check back here often for updates/changes to the schedule.

Minor Declaration

If you’d like to declare a minor, download the Minor Requirements and Declaration Form.

Enrollment in classes changes daily.  Check with the Registrar’s office for class availability.


Cancelled Courses
  • DS307R & NASC350C: Scientific Illustration
  • CD201D: Communication Design II 
  • DS307C: Professional Practice of ID 2
Added Courses
  • NASC320B: Ecology M 8:30-11:00am; Murru
  • DS307T: Digital Painting for Illustrators & Animators MW 12:30-3:00; Matson
  • DS307U: Intro to Concept Art MW 3:15-5:45; Calloway
  • NSP207G: Studio Principles: Screenprint, Relief & Stone Lithography MW 12:30-3:00; TBA
  • NSP207H: Studio Principles: Textiles MW 6:00-8:30pm; Hellen Ascoli
  • DS307V: Intro to Storyboarding TTH 3:15-5:45; Jon Brown
Updated Course Information

IAD325A was T 6:00-8:30pm NOW M 6:00-8:30pm

ARTH318A was TH 3:15-5:45 NOW T 12:30-3:00

ARTH318E was T 12:30-3:00 NOW TH 3:15-5:45

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Closed Courses

Course enrollment changes daily – check with the Registrar’s office for available classes