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Fall 2020 Registration Information

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar (updated June 2020)

We will start the semester on August 31, and continue without a fall break until November 20 for Thanksgiving Break. After Thanksgiving Break, students will have the option to either return to campus or remain at home to complete the semester. MIAD’s facility will continue to be available to students, but projects in the final three weeks of the semester will be developed in a way to allow students to complete the semester without the need to access the facility. Classes will end on December 18, 2020. Spring 2021 will begin on January 11, 2021.


Links for PDF version of the Fall 2020 schedule of classes: Link to Program of Study Videos – how to read your program of study & program of study for each major by class.

Minor Declaration

If you’d like to declare a minor, download the Minor Requirements and Declaration Form.

Enrollment in classes changes daily.  Check with the Registrar’s office for class availability.


Cancelled Courses

No closed courses 



Added Courses

No added courses at this time

Closed Courses

Course enrollment changes daily – check with the Registrar’s office for available classes

Updated Course Information/Changes

ARTH200 Level Courses:

Required 200 level Art History courses will now be divided by Major:



PD – ARTH213 Note: this course only runs in Fall – this class moved to T 3:15-5:45

IAD – ARTH215 Note: this course only runs in Fall

Course Title Changes:

            CD200: Communication Design I – CD200: Form in Communication

            CD201: Communication Design II – CD201:  Concept in Communication

            DS230: Advanced Computer Studio I – DS230: Advanced Digital 2D (This applies to Illustration & CD Students!)

            CD300: Communication Design III – CD300: Identity Design

            CD302: Information Graphics – Information Design & Research Methods

            CD331: Advanced Computer Studio III – Advanced Digital 4D (This course only runs in Spring)

CD Changes:

  • Upcoming CD Juniors are able to take CD400: Communication Design IV as an elective
  • Advanced Computer Studio I/II/III will no longer run and will be replaced with the following:

DS230: Advanced Computer Studio I – DS230: Advanced Digital 2D

CD330: Advanced Computer Studio II – Studio Elective of your choice

CD331: Advanced Computer Studio III – Advanced Digital 4D (This course only runs in Spring) 

IAD Changes:

  •  IAD students, if you have not already taken your 200 level Art History, you should take ARTH215. You may then take any 6 cr. of Art History to satisfy your upper level Art History credit requirements.
  • If you have taken ARTH213/212, you make take ARTH215 to count towards your 3 cr. architectural specific Art History elective requirement (ARTH318)
  • IAD321: Collaborative Design-Build Studio will only be offered in Fall
  •  IAD320: Retail & Exhibit Design will only be offered in Spring
  • DS307B: Design-Build II was TTH 3:15, NOW MW 3:15-5:45

Other changes:

NSP300B: was Jon Horvath, now Peter Barrickman

NSP220B/FA307B: Math course description:

From the day we are born we are thinking mathematically.  And we never stop. We don’t solve equations in the crib, but we do try to recognize the world and its logic and patterns. We are born as problem seekers and problem solvers. Mathematics is simply the extension of common sense to better understand the world and the world of ideas. This studio course aims to hone students’ existing mathematical thinking and intuition.This course examines the historical, aesthetic and theoretical intersections between mathematics and other forms of creative expression.  Through classroom experiences, exercises, readings and studio-based projects students will engage with both intuition and the natural questions that arise from critically studying mathematics, art and design.  An emphasis will be placed on mathematics that sharpen one’s critical thinking and mathematics that lead to new ideas and approaches for contemporary artists and designers.

SUMMER 2020: 

HUMT380: Service Learning: all sections: If you are considering taking Service Learning during the 2020 Summer session, you need to know that these courses will be held online.  We are working now to prepare a variety of options for those who enroll.  These may include online service projects and opportunities or in-depth research projects having to do with course content.  Please contact Leslie Fedorchuk, Director of Service Learning if you have any questions (  

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