Research Tools

Research can be a complicated and time-consuming activity. MIAD believes that students need to master research skills and become "information literate" during their course of study. The core competencies of information literacy include the abilities: to identify an information need; to access needed information; to evaluate, manage, and apply the information, and to understand the legal and ethical aspects of information use. Students with these skills will be better prepared not only to succeed in the classroom, but also in the studio, in work settings, in careers, and in continuing self-development. MIAD's information literacy program is embedded throughout the four-year curriculum.

Find Articles in Databases
MIAD subscribes to four databases that contain articles from periodicals or encyclopedias. Two general-interest databases are ProQuest and BadgerLink EBSCOhost; these include articles, often full-text, in all subject areas from journals, magazines and newspapers. The Science Full Text Select database provides articles from over 400 science journals, including an abundance of graphical content--charts, diagrams, and illustrations--in PDF page images. The Art Full Text database contains articles and citations from major international art and design periodicals.

Online Encyclopedias, Images and Multimedia
Oxford Art Online is the online gateway for research in art encyclopedias, including Grove Art Online, Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, and Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms.  ARTstor is a searchable database of over one million digital images and associated data covering art history, architecture, contemporary art, and design.  AP Images includes photos, text, graphics and audio files from the Associated Press.  The New Media database is a source for digital art works and new media-art articles, discussion lists and online exhibits.

Useful Web Resources

Career Resources

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