What is SEVIS?

The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is a U.S. government database developed to maintain information on international students and exchange visitors and their dependents. U.S. colleges are required to use this system to report certain information about students and exchange visitors coming to their institutions. Thus, SEVIS maintains information about F visa holders from the time they receive their documents (I-20, visa, etc.) until they complete their programs in the U.S. This information can be accessed by the college, US embassies and consulates, US ports of entry, US immigration agencies, the Department of State, and exchange visitor programs.

I am an F-1 student. How does SEVIS affect me?

SEVIS maintains the same information that appears on your printed I-20. In addition, MIAD is required to report the following types of information into SEVIS:

  • Start date of your next academic term [i.e. the required date for full-time enrollment], and whether or not you are enrolled full-time by that date
  • Withdrawals below a full-time course load without prior approval from OIPS
  • Address and name changes. You are required to notify OIPS of changes within 10 days of moving.
  • Actions that affect your study program, such as change of major, I-20 extensions, graduation, etc.
  • Off-campus employment authorizations

Please review the Maintaining Your Status page to make sure you fully understand the requirements of your student visa.

A brief overview of SEVIS is available from the U.S. government, click here.

Please contact OIPS with questions you might have about SEVIS.

To download and read a PDF, get Adobe Acrobat Reader

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