Transfer Students: Your Experience Makes the Difference.


Parent & Partner Orientation
Residence Hall Move-In

AUG. 19 - 21
New Student Orientation

First Day of Classes

This is about relationships and finding the ideal college to continue your educational career. The pursuit of a degree in the visual arts is one that requires endurance, dedication, and a creative vision of the future.

At MIAD, we are committed to educating artists and designers with a depth and breadth of knowledge both in artistic sensibilities and in life. At MIAD, we pride ourselves on developing relationships with our students, and transfer students contribute significantly to the diversity of our dynamic community. Our faculty seek students who understand that a sense of wholeness through knowledge, an interest in critical and scientific thought, and the adaptability for growth and change are important to a life of learning. We strive to build relationships that focus on these key elements of education, and transfer students often have extraordinary life and educational experiences that enhance those relationships. It is the experiences of our transfer students that contribute to the sustainability of the MIAD community.

Transfer students have unique needs; MIAD recognizes and meets those needs. It starts with the admissions process, is honed and focused throughout the curricular experience, and continues well beyond the commencement ceremony. We invite you to build a relationship with us.