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Printmaking: Success


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Career Paths for MIAD Printmaking graduates

Companies that MIAD printmaking graduates are employed / own:

  • Bresler Eitel Framing Gallery, custom framing, Milwaukee, WI
  • Cynthia Musickant Collor and Decorating Consultant, interior decorating, Mequon, WI
  • Flatbed Press, lithographer, Austin, TX
  • Flux Design, project manager, Milwaukee, WI
  • IQ Creative Communications Group, Inc., communications for advertising and package design, Chicago, IL
  • Jewish Community Center Family & Parenting Center, art teacher, Milwaukee, WI
  • Kenosha Art Institute, director, Kenosha, WI
  • PaperFarm (owner), paper maker, Milwaukee, WI
  • Poblocki & Sons, sign design and production, Milwaukee, WI
  • Safe & Sound/Mitchell Street Endeavor, non-profit organization, instructor, Milwaukee, WI
  • Strawhat Design, graphic design studio, Milwaukee, WI
  • Yellow Jacket Vintage Clothing (owner), creative clothing, Milwaukee, WI

Alumni Success Story: Steve Sorrentino '02

Steve Sorrentino
Looking for Connections: Finding Collaborations.

  • attended Zion-Benton Township High School, Zion, IL
  • graduated 2002, BFA Printmaking
  • Project Manager at Abbott's Creative Network

The following interview was conducted while Steve was working for Flux Design.

Steve Sorrentino

"My degree is in Printmaking, & though it remains essential to my art, I think that the power of any major area of study is the way that it ties to other areas. To me, it's not important what you graduate with, so much as what you can do with the skills that you've developed."

In Steve Sorrentino's work, people are everything. Whether it's collaborating with others on personal artistic endeavors, or working as the liaison between the Flux Design/Build Team and it's clients, Sorrentino is regularly looking for ways to bring creative visions to life. While his career is a daily combination of business and design, Sorrentino continues to create his own works, while exploring the potential of research and collaboration, and seeks out public venues to display.

Q. What is the most valuable thing you learned at MIAD?

A. The strongest thing about MIAD is the way the curriculum is threaded together, from the liberal studies courses to the studio electives-- if you're driven, and willing to critically examine the work that you want to do, MIAD can help you tie everything together. I learned to effectively research, structure my thinking and writing, develop my skills in areas that helped me to make the kind of work that I was driven to make, and all the way I was meeting and surrounding myself with people that were honest, challenging, and beneficial to a career in the arts.

Q. How did your MIAD education affect where you are today?

A. Profoundly. In my current position as Project Manager at Flux, I am working for someone that I met during orientation week at MIAD, Jeremy Shamrowicz ('98). I also attribute many of the venues that I show my work to Jeremy and others that I've met though the MIAD community.


Warehouse Lofts Comission

Q. What is the one thing you would tell a high school student now that you've experienced life after graduation?


A. Look for connections. You will quickly learn how few hours there are in a day, how few weeks in a year. College is an institution that, if you're able, willing and strong enough, can serve to prepare you for life out in the world, on your own. The key to a successful career in the arts, that MIAD fosters, is to unite your natural abilities and your ever-developing skills so that your energy and time can be woven together.

Q. Are there any specific parts of your resume that you would like to share?

A. The line on my resume that I am most proud of is being a co-owner and art coordinator for Gallery 326 for four years while it was in downtown Milwaukee. I was lucky enough to move in with friends, who actually founded Flux Design in that same space, when I was a sophomore at MIAD. Whenever I caught myself whining about the noise and dust, I simply had to remind myself that on the other side of my bedroom wall (after we built it), I could hang my artwork whenever I wanted to.


digital images

Q. Are there any notable shows, product on the market, spaces that you've created, etc. that you'd like to share?

A. As a member of Flux Design, I've been privileged to be a part of the design and build out of many spaces all over Milwaukee, and elsewhere. But speaking of my own artwork, despite participating in several shows, including a Video Art sequence for the Extreme Benefit for Gilda's House, I have yet to top the Gallery Night opening for my Senior Thesis Exhibition -- I participated in five shows that night. In addition to my Thesis Show at MIAD, I also showed extensive works at Gallery 326, Sauce Restaurant, Eve Restaurant, and at the Gallery TBA (To Benefit Aids) Event.

Alumni Success Story: Jennifer Rodman '93

Jennifer Rodman
Outfitting the World.

  • graduated 1993, BFA Printmaking
  • attended Goodrich High School, Fond du Lac, WI
  • currently owns Yellow Jacket Vintage Clothing Store + a design business

Jennifer Rodman"I wanted to be Peggy Flemming or Shaun Cassidy's girlfriend. Being an artist was a given."

Jennifer Rodman has an artistic lineage; "My father went to Layton School of Art (MIAD's predecessor), so I followed in his footsteps with no goal intended other than doing/creating my art. I chose Printmaking as my major and have always been interested in fashion."

After graduation, these passions led "quickly to wholesaling vintage clothing to Japan." The next step was to open the Yellow Jacket Vintage Clothing Store in Milwaukee, as well as a design business. "I hope to continue to be my own boss. This works out well."


Yellow Jacket Vintage Clothing


When asked about her other plans, Rodman intends to travel. "I would love to live in a foreign country and create a business there, maybe Thailand -- anywhere in Asia." And how would she change the world? "The long and short of it is I would like to have more influence to educate the community in recycling, education, teen issues, and voting!!!"


Jennifer Rodman
Yellow Jacket Vintage Clothing

Alumni Success Story: Allyson Mellberg Taylor '00

Allyson Mellberg Taylor
Continual Learning.

  • attended J.I. Case High School Racine, WI
  • graduated 2000, BFA Painting, minor in Printmaking
    2004, MFA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • currently works as a teacher + professional artist.


Allyson Mellberg Taylor

"I loved the time I spent at MIAD. I started taking classes there in the pre-college program when I was still in high school. Now, as a teacher, I am still discovering how much I really learned while I was there."


An extensive résumé sits on top of a stack of papers on my cluttered desk. Single-spaced, and slightly intimidating, it boasts of professional work experience and gallery exhibitions. Since graduating from MIAD in 2000, Mellberg Taylor hasn't stood still, and her résumé is proves it. In graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill, Mellberg Taylor gained extensive teaching and curatorial experience. Whether teaching in the classroom, or making it in her studio, art continues to play an integral role in her life. Mellberg Taylor has exhibited work nationwide, from New York to California.

Trying to EatQ. As a child, what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

A. I learned how to draw, and care about drawing -- not just from my drawing teachers, but also from my printmaking and painting teachers.

Q. What's the one thing you would tell a high school student who is considering attending MIAD now that you have experienced life after graduation?

A. It is completely possible to be a professional artist, teacher, designer. You will always, always have to work hard and love what you are doing.

Q. What are some of your goals, interests, for your future in art?

A. I want to continue working with great people, and to always be making things. In graduate school, I revisited sculpture and started sewing. Not only did I start making sculptures again, but I started making clothing and handbags.

Q. Are there any specific parts of your resume that you would like to share?

A. I show my work often, and with people that I love. I am happy to have shown in galleries and museums with Team LUMP (LUMP is an artist-run gallery out of Raleigh, NC that showcases emerging artists. www.lumpgallery.com). This year I am having my first solo show in New York at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn. (www.cindersgallery.com)

UnderbirdQ. Please define how you saw your major while you were in school, and how that definition has changed over the years.

A. I was a painting major to begin with, and I felt very strongly that painting was the most important thing a person could do. But then, I fell in love with printmaking, and added it as a minor. I am much more of a printmaker, I think like a printmaker, I went to graduate school to focus on printmaking. I am glad that I was involved in both majors at MIAD, and that I stayed an extra year to complete my minor (I added it very late in the game). I'm very glad that I allowed myself to open up to other mediums and ways of making things. I enjoy working on paper, and I still love to paint. Right now, nine years later, I am making egg tempera paintings. When you choose your major at MIAD, you never know where it may take you. I wasn't sure if I would ever paint again, because I became so immersed in printmaking. But now I do both and I don't even think about the space between the two. I learned so many things about painting and printmaking during my time at MIAD... I think you store away some of that knowledge for later, you never know when you will need it.


Forest 5


Solo Exhibitions:

  • New Works, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY [2005]
  • Small Girl, T and L Gallery, Raleigh, NC [2004]
  • Ghosts, Garfield Artworks Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA [2002]
  • New Works, Atomix, Chicago, IL [2002]
  • Monsters, Beans & Barley, Milwaukee, WI [2000]

Selected Collections:

  • La Maison Rouge, Paris, France
  • Fogg Museum, Harvard University
  • Milwaukee Art Museum, Print & Drawing Room, Milwaukee, WI
  • Baltimore Art Museum Library, Baltimore, MD

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