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From the Provost

Re-Inventing Yourself: It's What We (Are) Do(ing)

We find ourselves at an exciting moment in time.

We have a new president, Neil Hoffman. We have a new batch a talented freshmen and transfer students. Our advanced-level "veterans" are returning for the new year. The joint is jumpin'!

In all of our orientations, with parents, new students, and faculty, we are spreading the word: we are in the process of remaking ourselves, reinventing ourselves, not only as individuals, because that's what we do in education, but also as a school.

What does it mean to reinvent yourself?

It means you can imagine what is possible. You break through what you know, what is familiar, what comes by habit. You have to learn to think differently. That's what learning is all about! You enter this process at the beginning and you come out different, changed, different. Transformed. We know this is how it works for individuals… What about a whole school?

Reinvention and transformation and education sound easy. But I'm not sure it is. You have to work at it. And it's hard to do alone. It's easier to do in a community, in a group of like-minded people who are committed to the same vision. Together you create a synergy, a symbiosis, a dialogue, a fierce creative energy that feeds everyone. The goal is not to think and do the same thing. The goal is to support and nourish each other, to recognize and respect one another. To grow together.

We are in the process of transforming MIAD. In our orientations, we have been challenging our new students to take on their role in this transformation. To raise their voice. We have a new president who is committed to unleashing the very best in us. We have terrific new students and we have tremendously talented faculty and staff. This IS our community, our synergy. Together we are MIAD. Together, we will reinvent ourselves. What does it mean to reinvent yourself? What will we become? As a school and a community?

We don't know! But we know it will be exciting, and we know it will be transformative. We'll find out together. It all begins by committing ourselves to each other and to ourselves. We want the best for ourselves. We want the best for each other. If we begin with that trust, we can forge a vision that we can build on.

We hope you will join us! The process will transform you. We've already started.

--David Martin

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