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MIAD's Laptop Requirement and Information

Fequently Asked Questions

Does MIAD require a Mac laptop?
Mac laptops are recommended for all students, as they are the platform of choice in the professional art and design world. MIAD also fully supports Apple products, allowing for IT support for our students.

Can I bring an older, used or refurbished laptop to campus?
Absolutely. Since many first-year students are undecided about what their major will be, you are welcome to bring an older or used laptop to campus as long as it supports the software required for your classes. Your choice of major may impact the type of laptop you wish to purchase in the future.

Does MIAD have an Apple Store online where I can receive an educational discount?
Yes. You can visit MIAD's online Apple Store at: apple.com/edu/miad.

Does MIAD recommend a specific Mac laptop?
MIAD does have a recommendation for a 15" MacBook Pro. View the specific model at: store.apple.com/us_edu_5001003/recommended

I know my major will be Communication Design or Photography. What's the best laptop for me?
MIAD's recommended 15" MacBook Pro will serve your educational needs extremely well throughout your MIAD experience.

I am a transfer student. What laptop should I bring to campus?
Every transfer student has unique needs. Depending on your major and academic level (based on transfer credit), the laptop you bring to campus and the software you use will vary. Contact the Assistant Director of Admissions who can guide you through this process.

What software is required for all students?

  • Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard (includes Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Sketchup Pro
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
  • If you know for certain that you will be majoring in Communication Design or Illustration, you should purchase the Adobe Creative Suite Premium.

    How do I purchase software?
    MIAD has a partnership with JourneyEd to offer substantial discounts to our students on most software. Links to MIAD's JourneyEd store, as well as links to Google and Autodesk software, are available at openbook.miad.edu.

    Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is available as a free, demonstration download. Should I download it now?
    Since Foundations students will learn to use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro at varying times during the first semester, please wait until you are notified by your instructor to download the software.

    JourneyEd is asking for academic proof of eligibility to purchase Adobe products at the MIAD discount. What should I do?
    Once you have registered for classes in early summer, MIAD will provide you with a proof of enrollment letter for the purposes of obtaining the software discount.

    How can I secure my laptop while on campus?
    As part of the supply kit that will be provided to you, a universal laptop lock and flash drive are included. All MIAD students also have an assigned locker for storage of art supplies and laptops.

    Can I insure my laptop through MIAD?
    MIAD encourages all families to investigate their homeowner or renter's policies for insurance coverage of a student's laptop while on-campus.

    Does Apple offer financing on qualified purchases?
    Yes, please visit apple.com/edu/miad for more information.

    Who can I contact if I have questions about using loan funds to purchase a laptop?
    MIAD's Office of Financial Aid can assist you with the use of loan funds for purchasing a laptop. We encourage families to investigate all the options available when financing laptop and software purchases. You may contact MIAD's Office of Financial Aid directly at 414-847-3270.

    I have questions about laptops and software. Who can I contact?
    Your admissions counselor is the best starting point for questions related to MIAD's laptop requirement. Your admissions counselor can also answer questions about software, and connect you with the Office of Financial Aid if you need assistance with loan funds.

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