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From the Provost


From David Martin, Acting Provost

IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT INQUIRY. About knowing, seeing learning, doing.

That is what we do here. Inquiry: intellectual, emotional, aesthetic. The mind, the hands,the heart, the soul. The whole being.

Here at MIAD we use tools to express and render, to capture and create, to explore andresolve. We wield charcoal and brushes, manipulate pixels and software, we cut and bind wood and steel, we alter paper and canvas. We build models. We design.

But it’s never about the tools. We are a creativity college. So it’s what we do with the tools that is vital. We make things visible. We animate. We breathe life into ideas and words. We exploit visual language and verbal language. We think and rethink. We juxtapose. We create.

Creation is all about inquiry, an active, dynamic process of knowing. We make people see and feel and understand.

One of the most popular metaphors for describing an education in art and design is thatyou learn how to solve problems. There is a rich tradition in the visual arts of problem solving. Whether we change people’s thinking or invite them to experience thingsdifferently, we are “solving” some problem.

What makes MIAD different, and MIAD students so interesting, is that we do more than solve problems. We seek problems. A designer friend of mine, Michael Gibson, once said that it was never enough to be a problem solver. It is important, yes, but it’s nevere nough. If you want to be someone who changes the world, you need to be what Michael calls a “problem-seeker.”

A problem-seeker is someone who can solve problems, who recognizes more than the obvious, who reframes the question. A problem-seeker sees more and does more.

A problem-seeker is someone who thrives on inquiry.

Inquiry changes us. Inquiry invites us to grow and discuss, to question and probe more deeply, to engage in critical and creative thinking, to see and re-see beyond what others see.

Creative inquiry is how we change ourselves and the world.

That’s our story here. We invite you into the world of creative inquiry. We hope you’ll join our story.

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