Continuing Education

Bringing creative minds together for professional development and personal enrichment.

New trends, technology and challenges need new ideas, skill sets and relationships. MIAD’s Continuing Education helps meet these challenges through innovative programming that fosters:
• Interdisciplinary thought and practices
• Re-envisioning of personal and professional creativity
• Collaborative cultural and business relationships that enhance exceptional learning opportunities

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Choosing the Right Ability Level

 Beginning or Introductory Classes develop basic skill sets in a variety of disciplines that span fine arts, design and related technologies and have no prerequisites. The foundation built through introductory-level instruction:

• Teaches basic competency levels
• Enhances and regenerates creative development
• Establishes a pathway to higher levels of learning

Intermediate and Advanced Classes have the prerequisites listed which are considered the minimum knowledge needed to participate effectively in a class that is designed to:
• Explore subject areas in depth
• Assist participants to develop a body of work
• Promote interdisciplinary practices
• Encourage conceptual development
• Provide art/design historical context
• Conduct regular critique sessions
• Develop portfolio-ready pieces
• Promote professional networking opportunities

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Dates and Registration for Spring Semester

Early Bird Registration ends January 16.
Any class cancelled due to weather or instructor illness will be rescheduled one to two weeks after the conclusion of the class.
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• Supply Lists will be available as downloadable pdfs in January.

Spring Classes

Open Figure Drawing
Modern Horror Films 1960 - Present (New)
Beginning Drawing: Techniques and Strategies
Reading a Work of Art

Figure Drawing
Intro to Digital Photography
Intro to Photogravure (New)
Painting Like the Masters in Acrylic
Vibrant Color in Pastel (New)
Traditions in Wool (New)
Beginning Writer’s Workshop (New)
Intro to Adobe Illustrator

Personal Fundraising for Artists (New)
A Photographer's Portfolio
Intro to Acrylic and Oil Painting
Screen Printing Today
Explore the Luminosity of Watercolor
Digital Collage
Natural Light and Photography (New)
Hollywood Private Eyes 1941-1960 (New)

SB507C: Open Figure Drawing
This is an opportunity to draw from a live model without instruction. One model provides a variety of quick and sustained poses. Participants can choose to pre-register: $50 for 10 sessions, or pay $6 per session at the door. Students under the age of 18 years must have written parental permission to attend.
Tuesdays, 7 – 10 p.m., 10 sessions
Jan. 13 – March 24 (No session on March 10)

SB619C: Modern Horror Films 1960 – Present (New)
Every generation can claim at least one horror film that defines the era. Psycho (1960), The Exorcist (1973), Carrie (1976) The Shining (1980), Silence of the Lambs (1991), The Sixth Sense (1999), and The Walking Dead (2010) are all prime examples of great filmmaking within a genre that’s too often dismissed when the major awards are handed out. Participants in this class focus on specific categories such as zombies, slashers, the supernatural, and more. One discussion period will be devoted to Universal’s classic 1930’s-era monsters and other films that have influenced modern movie makers.
Wednesdays, 7 – 8:30 p.m.,
Feb. 11 – March 18, 6 sessions
Tuition: $110 ($90 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Larry Widen

SB503C: Beginning Drawing: Techniques and Strategies
This class introduces the basics of drawing and engages students with a variety of drawing tools and techniques that advance them to the next level of drawing competency. Through experimentation, students develop their mechanical skill and observational ability, as well as strategies to continue their exploration.
Thursdays, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Feb. 12 – March 19, 6 sessions
Tuition: $205 ($180 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Eriks Johnson

SB575C: Reading a Work of Art
Why are some paintings considered great works of art and others are not? How does an artist invite the viewer into a painting, and then move them through it? How does a work reflect the art historical context within which it was created, and how, in turn, does it impact future generations? Artist Timothy Haglund has visited many of the world’s great museums with sketchbook and pencil in hand. Join him as he probes each work for its deeper meaning, and discover a new way to read a work of art.
Thursdays, 7– 8:30 p.m.
Feb. 12 – March 19, 6 sessions
Tuition: $110 ($90 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Timothy Haglund

9 A.M. - NOON

Saturdays, 9 a.m.-noon or 1-4 p.m.

SB517A: Figure Drawing
This course explores the fundamentals of drawing from the human figure, an exercise that has been an essential part of visual arts training for centuries. Using primarily black and white drawing media while working from the nude model, students develop their ability to extract the figure's gestural expression. The course also focuses on improving the students' understanding of structure, form building, anatomy and composition through demonstration, and drawing exercises. Tuition includes model fees.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $225 ($205 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Eriks Johnson

SB621A: Intro to Photogravure (New)
This 19th century process combines the fine art of printmaking and photography in such a way to produce the finest photographic detail possible of any printmaking technique. Students learn to take digital photographic images and transform them into a traditional photogravure etched in copper in the same way that Edward S. Curtis and Alfred Stieglitz produced their seminal photographic works. As photogravure is very technical, students must come prepared with high resolution (300 dpi or higher) digital photo files and have some experience with photography or printmaking. Cost of tuition covers lab fees plus two copper plates. Additional copper plates may be purchased through the printmaking department for $10/plate.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $265 ($245 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Matt Presutti

SB537A: Intro to Digital Photography
This course develops competency in the digital darkroom through lessons and projects that teach photography and Photoshop skills that result in expressive visual language. No previous experience with Adobe Photoshop CS5 is necessary, however, students must be conversant in MAC operating system software and have their own SLR digital camera.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $225 ($205 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Paul Calhoun

SB 591A: Painting Like the Masters with Acrylic
Students will choose an historical painter from the classical, modern, or contemporary period and create between one and three pieces that are informed by the work of their chosen painter. Students will learn the fundamentals of acrylic painting, while applying these skills to historical themes.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $205 ($180 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Brad Fiore

SB614A: Vibrant Color in Pastel (New)
This course covers basic tonal and color mixing in pastel medium with emphasis on color layering and achieving a rich, glowing sense of light. Students work from provided still life arrangements (fruit, vegetables and simple forms) and their own choices if desired. Short demos and slide lectures supplement individual instruction and guidance. No experience in pastel is required. Some basic drawing background is helpful.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $205 ($180 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Rosalie Beck

SB616A: Traditions in Wool (New)
In this course students explore wool’s traditional craft techniques as well has how wool can be used in the realm of sculpture. Discussions include the historical and cultural contexts of wool, as well as its unique physical properties. This class involves a hands-on survey of techniques such as wet felting, needle felting, crochet, knitting and how they all apply to three-dimensional applications. Students choose one or more of these skills to focus on in their final projects. This class is great for beginners or intermediates in fiber who are looking to expand their ideas and techniques.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $225 ($205 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Claire Hitchcock Tilton

SB617A: Beginning Writer’s Workshop (New)
This class is designed for students of any age who’ve always wanted to write a book or an article AND see it in print. Participants learn how to choose a topic, interview a personality, create a document for publication, the way to approach a publisher, proven self-marketing techniques, self-publishing do’s and don’ts, and more. Class instructor Larry Widen is the author of a dozen books including Milwaukee Movie Palaces, Silver Screens, Milwaukee Rock and Roll, and Job Man: 25 Years in Professional Wrestling. He has interviewed Alice Cooper, Gregg Allman, B.B.King, Bonnie Raitt and many others for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions,
Tuition: $205 ($180 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Larry Widen

SB620A: Intro to Adobe Illustrator
This introductory course in Adobe Illustrator CS 6 begins by taking students through the many tools used in the manipulation of line, color and text to produce digital drawings and images. Once familiar with the tools, students move on to create original artwork such as logos, ads and illustrations in real-world situations using a variety of techniques. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of the Macintosh operating system.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $225 ($205 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Paul Mitchell

1 - 4 PM

SB622B: Personal Fundraising for Artists
This course is designed to provide artists with the tools they need to begin gathering resources to support their artistic practice. Students will be given professional support to develop their artist statement, portfolio, and CV. They will learn about different grants, fellowships, residencies, and juried exhibitions that they are eligible to apply for, and will ultimately complete a real application, as their first step toward financial sustainability.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions,
Tuition: $205 ($180 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Brad Fiore

SB605B: Digital Collage
Photography, print media, text, and the digital image offer an immediate and constantly evolving means of communication in contemporary culture. The possibilities of mining this vast archive for purposes of art and design are endless and have been heavily utilized in the visual arts in the 20th and 21st centuries. This class investigates the possibilities of using Adobe Photoshop as the primary tool to explore collage, photomontage, and the concept of “the Cut Up.” The course presents media and theme based projects, lectures, in-class demonstrations, and critiques suitable for the novice as well as the advanced student. Essential skills such as image manipulation, selection tools, and layer masks are explored. Images will be realized by means of a variety of digital imaging and hand-­executed techniques.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $225 ($205 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Paul Mitchell

SB565B: Screen Printing Today
This course covers a wide range of screen-printing techniques using water-based inks. Various methods of creating an image on the screen are covered, including the use of mono-types, mono-printing, as well as non-traditional screen-printing techniques. While learning the proper screen preparation and competent use of the equipment, the course focuses on presenting important visual and conceptual problems relevant to the screen-printing process.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $245 ($225 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Tyanna Buie

SB613B: A Photographer’s Portfolio
In this intermediate to advanced-level class, photographers develop a portfolio of images reflective of their personal direction. Instruction helps refine and develop compositional skills through field work, lectures, and discussions. Trips to urban and natural environments, as well as studio work, heighten sensitivity to skills required to shoot in a variety of surroundings. Regular group critiques strengthen understanding of the compositional elements that contribute to dynamic photographs. Discussions include compositional tools, aesthetic intentions, and effective editing. A comparative study of historical and contemporary photographers is incorporated into the class. Printing of images is not included in this class. Prerequisites: Intermediate-level camera skills.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $225 ($205 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Paul Calhoun

SB539B: Intro to Acrylic and Oil Painting
This class provides an introduction to the basic materials, techniques and practices of direct painting. Students choose to focus their study in oils or acrylic, but acrylic is highly recommended for first-timers. Using a variety of still life as subject matter, students develop an understanding of color application, paint handling, composition and spatial issues, as well as other technical and conceptual concerns.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions,
Tuition: $205 ($180 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Eriks Johnson

SB596B: Explore the Luminosity of Watercolor Painting
Learn basic tonal and color mixing in watercolor, wet on dry technique and various approaches to wet on wet. Instruction progresses from simple exercises the first week, to painting simple still life arrangements weeks 2 and 3, floral painting weeks 4-5 and landscape (from photo references) weeks 5-6. No experience in watercolor or painting necessary. Some drawing background is useful.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions,
Tuition: $205 ($180 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Rosalie Beck

SB615B: Natural Light And Photography (New)
How much does artificial light dictate our photographs? The course’s main premise will focus around the beauty of natural light, and our ability as photographers to find it. Student will be restricted to using solely natural light to challenge the way they see the world. The subtle changes of daylight, reflections, refracted light, and even complete darkness will all be tools that students will have to work with. Furthermore, students will explore how natural light effect themes of narrative, magic, emotion, and self-portrait.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
Tuition: $225 ($205 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Grant Gill

SB618B: Hollywood Private Eyes 1941-1960 (New)
When Hollywood’s film studios began adapting the works of Dashiell Hammett, James M. Cain and Raymond Chandler for the screen, the genre now known as film noir began. By the early 1940s, a new figure...the cynical, tough-talking detective without much of a moral compass... was firmly embedded in the cinema. The careers of Humphrey Bogart (The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep), Glenn Ford (Gilda), Robert Mitchum (Out of the Past), and Dana Andrews (Laura) were forged with the making of these films. Class participants examine the German expressionist films that were so influential to American noir lighting and camera angles. Discussions also center on the role of the femme fatale, hard-boiled dialogue, and the actors, writers, and directors who excelled within the genre. The final class session will be devoted to modern, neo-noirs, and how they were influenced by their predecessors.
Feb. 14 – March 21, 6 sessions
1 – 2:30 p.m.
Tuition: $110 ($90 before Jan. 16)
Instructor: Larry Widen